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HUM ME the application that aims to find the titles of songs stuck in your head.

Hum Me allows you to find a song when you only have the tune.
You just need to have the melody of the song to find the title.
Whistle or hum the tune of the song you can't find and the community will have fun finding it.
Hum me, it's the reverse blind test game!
Find the title of a song by posting a humming, singing, whistling of the song and the Hummers will help you.

You have a music in your head but you don't know the lyrics? Hum me is for you!
Hum a tune and the Hum me community will find your song, even if it is badly sung.
If you have a great musical culture, hum me is also for you because you can help people to find their song thanks to your competence.

Have fun finding the title of others!
Listen to the users' audios and try to find their song: it's a successful blind test evening a successful blind test night!

By finding the title of other users, you earn points that allow you to level up
and unlock new badges!

Challenge your friends and find a maximum of songs before they do!
The perfect application to test your musical knowledge and find new songs!

A song stuck in your head but impossible to find the title?
No worries, Hum me and the Hummers are there! Our Hum me application has a specific goal: to find that song that haunts your thoughts late at night and keeps you awake. We connect Internet users (the "Hummers") looking to find the title of a song whose melody they only have the melody with other Internet users who could find this title (like a blindtest).

Do you like blindtests? Do you like guessing songs? You can show off your skills by finding songs that are sung or hummed!
So on the one hand it's a blindtest application with sung songs!

But how? It's simple, you record an audio: you hum, whistle, sing (I promise, you won't be judged), then you give as much information as you can about this song: era, language, style, the radio on which you heard it...
Then the community will struggle to find that sweet melody. Answer the comments, and together, let's find all the songs on every tip of everyone's tongue!
And then what happens next? You can try to find the songs of the other Hummers !
It's fun, you'll find new songs to listen to, and every time you use the app - whether you're posting songs or helping others - you'll earn points that will help you progress and earn badges and other honorary titles.
When a hummer posts a song, it earns 10 points.
When his position is liked, the hummer gains 1 point.
When a hummer finds another hummer's song, he wins 5 points.
Upvote an audio posted by another user to bring up his/her audio
that you find good and/or relevant (audio for which we still haven't found the right one) of responses, good quality audio, interesting audio).
Downvote an audio posted by another user to bring down its
audio that you find bad and/or impertinent (poor quality audio,
uninteresting audio).
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