Net-Guard : Simple Data saver & App lock for kids

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NetGuard (permissions & Authorization)

We are continuously improving NetGuard from feedback and support.However It is impossible to guarantee it will work on every devices.
NetGuard is an automating app and it works by turning off your WiFi/mobile data whenever user requires.NetGuard do not interfere with other apps or services.It just automate the enabling/disabling of internet.Meanwhile, We are trying to find better ways of Its working.By using NetGuard, you agree and authorize NetGuard to turn off WiFi/Mobile data services when required.

Note: NetGuard is not a magic app that do wonders inside your device, This is simply a normal app that automates the process of turning off WiFi/mobile data which is its supposed way of working It just automates the process.

NetGuard app do not interfere with or access another service or product in an unauthorized manner.

About NetGuard

NetGuard is a Device Automation tool which automates your network functionality in your Devices thus helping you to use your Device in a proper way when your kids or some strangers are using your device.It also helps in turning off network when you are playing your favorite Offline game.Thus it ensures a different perspective protection for your Apps.

This Protection app let you guard the apps individually from accessing the network.Suppose if you don't want your kids do not use a online video playing app, you can select only that app and enable the NetGuard.Then you can give the device to kids without any can do the same when you are giving the apps to some strangers in situation where you need to give, but you are not sure if they will misuse your Chat Apps.
If you have any favorite offline game which you play always.You can do the same for apps that will work offline but are trying to take your data on background.

This is an all-in-all App that protect your device in a whole new perspective.This app is as intelligent as the user who is using it.

How to use NetGuard

* Open NetGuard.
* Select apps you want to Guard (from kids or Strangers).
* Select your favorite offline games.
* You can enabled/disable NetGuard any time from notification or through widget.
* You can turn off notifications.
* You can secure NetGuard with password.Then only you will be able to do any changes.

While using NetGuard, Time taking to stop and start network depends on your Device performance and the Operating system installed.NetGuard do not interfere other app functionality in anyway.Its a tool that automates your finger touch to disable/enabled network.

NetGuard has been tested on latest devices for android. Please contact us if your device is not supported or you facing any problems.Thank you.

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