Pets in Town: Pet Shop With Dogs & Cats

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Pets in Town is a first-person open-world game focused on caring for pets.

Start out with a cute puppy or a kitten and reach higher levels to unlock more tricks.

Get rewarded with coins for doing good things, like collecting poop and throwing it in a trash can or helping out a stray dog by bringing it to the pet shelter.

Visit the Pet Shop to get all the things you need to take care of your pets. Spend your hard-earned coins on new furniture, such as cat climbers or dog houses to decorate your home, food and treats to keep your pets healthy, or new pets, such as various dogs, cats and hamsters.

Your pets love your attention, and by interacting with them, you can do cool tricks together and enjoy fun games, like playing catch. Just remember to let your pets rest once in a while as they need time to recover their energy.

- First-person cartoon game!
- Interact with your pets to unlock new tricks!
- Collect poop and throw it in a trash can to earn coins!
- Visit the Pet Shop to buy pets and furniture!
- Labradors, pugs, beagles, poodles, dachshunds, cats and hamsters!
- Start with a cute puppy or a kitten and watch it grow!
- Fun games like playing catch with dogs!
- Explore a beautiful little town and meet fun characters, like Mr. & Mrs. Poodle!
- Decorate your home with furniture to make it comfy for your pets!
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