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Sensical is a fast paced and hilarious dinner party game that will force you to think on your feet. The games in Sensical have been designed to improve spontaneity, creativity and build deeper relationships and are suitable for people of all ages.

Bring something new to your dinner party - pack away those old predictable word games like charades and taboo - and show off your creative and improv skills with Sensical.

Not only is Sensical a great excuse to have your friends over for a fun night, the games in Sensical are a great way to have fun with your children or can be used as an activity in schools or business to stimulate creativity and innovation.

Work in teams to complete short 60 second games and convince the other teams that your response is 'sensical' (the oposite of nonsensical). Points are awarded based on how in-sync you are with your teammate and lost when you put up a mental barrier and become nonsensical.

There are four games to play: Perfect Pitch; Ask the Expert; Creative; and Eureka! Why not give them a try?

While this is the funniest game we’ve ever played at a dinner party, we had ulterior motives when designing Sensical. We wanted to achieve two things: to improve creative thought by promoting unencumbered, free flowing idea generation; and improve communication and build deeper relationships between our friends, colleagues and our children.

Sensical achieves both by helping to drop the mental filters that cause us to second guess ourselves and force us to think the way we think we should think. The games are purposely designed to require teammates to truly become in sync with each other by listening and working in harmony to complete a game.

Have fun!
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